November 14, 2015

Christmas Presents.... and washing dishes

...but first I've to try them out:)
I had the fortune to get 50 wooden dish scrubbers from ebay. Now I can start to personalize them for family and friends. Everyone will get a OOAK:)
For our kitchen I started with old pictures from cats, that I photoshopped.

Now they look like Luzi & Rossi - our cats. Because they like to play with water, I don't think they mind to have their counterfeit on a dish scrubber.
And I start to like dish washing:)
Have a wonderful day

July 3, 2015

Beautiful Light Yellow Art Deco Tea Napkins

This is a set of beautiful light yellow Art Deco tea napkins with the fitting table cloth. The monogramm CM is artfully hand emboidered.
You can see it very good from the backside when monogramms are hand embroidered. Mary Corbet has a great post on her blog about spotting the difference between hand and machine embroidery.
Have a wonderful day

Beautiful Vintage Monogrammed Napkins


Because the pictures on Etsy are not so large, I show the vintage items I sell on my blog - for a closer look. I love this monogramm. You can read it as MW or WM.
Have a wonderful day

A Little Boy on Scooter

Today I have a little boy on a scooter as .png for you:)

June 30, 2015

A card for you

Have a wonderful day

Vintage German Tea Towel

I went through my collection of vintage linen because my cupboards are bulging. Now I'll sell some of them with a heavy heart, because I need space.
This one has such a nice quote:

"Ein helles Feuer, ein freundlich Gesicht,
ein braves Männchen, mehr brauch' ich nicht"

"A bright fire, a friendly face
a nice little man, I don't need more - in this place" 

I added the last word to make it rhyme:)))
Have a wonderful day

Hello again:)

I've been away for a long, long time, because my full scale life and making miniatures left no space for my CUYD blog. But now I'll add new item into my ETSY shop. Not only things I made, but also nice vintage findings. Perhaps they find a snugly new home.
But today I start with my Funny Cubes again. They're standing on my desk and I always have to smile, when I see the face of my piggie.
Have a wonderful day

February 8, 2014

Memory Aid

I can't believe - I haven't made one 1:1 project, that I could have shown you over the last 6 month and also this one wasn't planned. BUT - last year we had to buy a new washing machine and a new dish washer. Two nice current-saving models. They are working beautifully, but we are used to the old ones, where we could see, that they are "ON". Now all the lights are out, when they've finshed their job..... and we forget the laudry in the machine and the dishes are drying better, when we open the door. So I had to make a memory aid.

I made an XL cube. 3 sides are themes for the laundry and the other 3 sides are for the dishes.
When we now start one of the machines, we put it on the working surface and whenever we go to the kitchen (which is often, because the cats have their food there and we have to cross it to go to the litter boxes - not the food - the kitchen). I hope this reminder will help us.
Have a wonderful day

August 9, 2013

Hearty Stones

During my holidays I was looking for nicely shaped stones. Among others I found these. I love heart shaped stones! Have a wonderful day

June 25, 2013


Some new meeples. Cool Guy with his Harley belt. And the lady on the left is his beloved wife.
Have a wonderful day

June 20, 2013

Very Special Funny Cubes - the finished version

It took much longer than I thought, to finish the cubes, because they have to dry thoroughly.
Even if it is very hot in Berlin, the air is also humid. Unfortunately I can't ship them now,because the chance, that they'd still stick together is given. So Heinrike has to wait a little bit. But now I can tell her to look on the blog to sneak a peak.
Have a wonderful day

June 16, 2013

Working on very special Funny Cubes

I've got an order for Funny Cubes from a friend of mine. The kids will be going to school this year and this is the farewell present for their kindergartner. It's such a nice idea and because they are 6 in the group, a cube was the perfect idea. I'll finish the cubes this evening and show you the result tomorrow. Also the parents want to have these cubes, so it's a lot of work. But it's also so much fun.
I'm painting the background by hand, because I want to have the "handmade" look. Even if programs like photoshop or gimp are absolutely great, I can't achieve this look.
And I'm waiting for a very large order from California. Wish me luck, that I'll get the commission.
Everything is done with the selfless help from our feline companions. When they come from the balcony, they love to visit me immediately. I should write a sign with "Wipe your paws"....
Have a wonderful Sunday